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Home made polish pierogi, kielbasa, babka, and more delivered to your door

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Welcome to Fils Polish Deli!

Fils Deli features a fine selection of imported Polish and European foods including made on the spot Pierogis and other home made dishes. We also offer a huge selection of canned goods like pickles, jams, saurkraut, juices, syrups, pastas, candies, cookies, chocolates, and a big selection of European cheeses from all over Europe.

List of other products:

Polish Kielbasa-Many Styles

Polish Ham-Over 6 varieties

Pierogi-Over 10 Different choices

Golabki- Stuffed Cabbage made of the best meats available

Many kinds of Fresh Soups

Plus many more authentic
Polish Items

Order our delicious Polish Pierogi, kielbasa, babka and more

Shipped directly from our kitchen to yours!

Order your fresh Pierogis online for your next Meal!

•Potato and Cheese
•Farmers Cheese
•Sauerkraut & Mushrooms

Our pierogis are hand made in our store from the best and freshest ingredients available with no preservatives added.

"Try them and we got you forever"

Choose ready to go meals. Ready to go your place or ours!

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Strawberry Pierogis

Welcome to

At last…authentic homemade Polish Pierogi delivered to your door. Let us do the hard work of kneading and rolling, stuffing then boiling. They are not the simplest dish to make but they sure do taste great! So order your Polish Pierogi now!

Welcome to Filspolishdeli.com! We provide only the best, handmade pierogis online. We do all the work all you have to do is reheat and serve, they are ready to eat at your favorite holiday or any night could be a holiday!
We can ship anywhere in the United states! We use only the freshest ingredients in our product and we make our pierogi’s fresh daily.
Feel free to read our comments below and if you have any questions feel free to email us with any suggestions and or questions. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to shipping your next order!
Thanks for visiting our site!
Andrzej Fil, Owner
Fils Polish Deli

We love to hear feedback from our customers! We take our pierogi’s seriously so feel free to send us your comments to the email above.
Here is a few comments we have received in the past few months:

Jim from California
Thanks Andrzej, I couldn’t wait to get this order (my fifth from you). As always they were amazing. The apple is my favorite…tastes better than apple pie..Who knew that apple pierogi’s can be this good! I always loved these little pouches but I hated making them…now I no longer have to…Thanks and keep up the good work!

Jennifer from Washington
I just received my 5 dozen pierogies I ordered 3 days ago from your store. WOW The potatoe and cheese, I hate to say this but they were better than my Babci’s. Since she passed away 5 years ago I haven’t had any since I have been ordering from you since they are so time consuming to make. I am very delighted to have found your store online.

Jacek from Ohio
You guys ship so fast, I just placed them 2 days ago. What a wonderful polish pierogi, every one is just perfect…the last time I made them they fell apart in the water bath. I threw the whole batch out and made Nalesniki with the filling instead. After eating your pierogi’s I will never ever make them myself. Forget it, I will just let your staff make them. VERY DELICIOUS

Lila from Connecticut
You guys are right down the street from me so I didn’t have to place my order online.. they were the best I have ever had and I have been making polish pierogi’s for years…they for days I would be cleaning my kitchen…NO MORE…  I am just going to drop in and pick up a 6 pack….I just defrosted a pack from 7 months ago and they tasted exactly the same!  Keep it up!  (I am so glad you ship as I will be moving to Vermont) 

Helena from Texas
My aunt and uncle though I had slaved over these tasty little pouches…I played along…I told them I slaved for hours rolling, flouring, boiling…Then they went to get some ice cream from the freezer….COUGHT they seen the 4 packs I had left over…APPLE ONES…so I fried them up put on some ice cream and WALAA  the best apple pie dessert I had in months!  Great Job coming up with that flavor!  I am going to have to try the blueberry…

Ed from Georgia
Hello guys… The sauerkraut polish pierogi’s…were as advertised!  I fried them till they were golden brown and they were delicious!!  Great Job!

Piotr from Connecticut
I  am glad I called you before I placed my order, turns out your 10 min from my house. All I have to say is….WHY BOTHER MAKING THEM YOURSELF!  It used to cost me more with all that labor…EVERYONE Loved them and noone knew I didn’t make them myself…  Will have to try the strawberry….interesting flavour! Nice!

Nick from Florida
It is so hot down here I hate eating hot food during the summer…so we ordered some BlueBerry and Apple flavor, I fried them then I let them cool down. I put some heavy cream on them and I swear it was the best dinner we had in months. I am going to order them for every holiday!


We need to hear from you!  Post your feedback here or just email it and we will post it. Thank you for visiting Fil’s Deli!